I want to evaluate my company

I want to evaluate my company

Learn about ABMR-Mystery Shopper and make your business reach new heights of success.

We have the perfect tool to evaluate in detail:

  • Competition
  • Operational Processes
  • Brand perception
  • Employee performance
  • Point of sale


Face-to-face evaluation

Our investigator visits your business and behaves like a regular consumer in order to record all the details of its functioning and physical aspects, state of conservation and hygiene of the place.

Evaluation of online channels​

Answering the chat of companies of interest to you

Voice channel evaluation​

Telesales companies are evaluated through our professionals via telephone calls.

Competitive Analysis

Your company can also use this tool to evaluate your competitors. Competitive assessment can take place in parallel with a mystery client project of your own company for comparative purposes and competitive strategy elaboration.

Product Evaluation at POS and Revealed Audit​

It enables the marketing team to assess whether the product is being exposed and delivered to the customer as planned. It’s also recommended for a franchise network to verify compliance with their headquarters.

Filmed Assessment​

The Mysterious Shopper secretly films their visit and the video is attached to the report sent to the contracting company.

Interviews as of $50


60 Questions
As of 5 interviews per month
3 month plan
5% off


60 Questions
As of 5 interviews per month
6 month plan
10% off


60 Questions
As of 5 interviews per month
1 year plan
15% off