Online Research

Online Research

Online quantitative research makes it possible to use different statistical techniques to quantify opinions and information for a given study. Through various devices, this data collection model, elaborated with rigor and precision, provides reliability and agility in the results

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Online diaries and bulletin boards

These are participant-oriented activities that can be carried out and recorded throughout the day through their various interactions with the research topic. These tasks can be monitored online, received, checked, translated and sent to the client. This methodology allows each interviewee to access and describe their reality in a natural and true way.

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Online focus groups

This qualitative research technique, which collects information through group interactions, gains speed and practicality online. In addition to the agility in communication and interaction, regardless of the physical distance, city or country where the participants are, it is possible to access the group discussion from any device connected to the internet.

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Online In-depth interviews (IDIs)

Online in-depth interviews allow you to investigate topics with greater depth and agility. Using an unstructured script, the questions richly explore the most delicate and complex topics.

This methodology makes it possible to collect people’s interpretations within their references, cultural context and language, in addition to offering facilities for sending data files, photos and videos.

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Online Ethnography

The main objective of online ethnographic research is to speed up and facilitate the collection of information. In this way, it is possible, even from a distance, to explore details to better understand the culture of a particular person or social group, obtaining information and concrete data that can be collected through audio, video, written notes or by collecting objects to make part of the studied culture.

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Online Community

Through digital platforms, we can bring people with similar interests together and create an online community. The objective is to strengthen the bond, the exchange of ideas and experiences between these people.

In this virtual structure, the moderator helps dialogue and feedback so that users navigate, interact, participate, talk and learn in real time.