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We are a full Market Research service agency based in Brazil with operations throughout Latin America. Specializing in quantitative and qualitative research, we offer accurate data to support all your market decisions.


Find out the power of a well-done market research!

From traditional qualitative methodologies to more agile online measures, explore our broad portfolio of qualitative solutions.

Quantitative research

From traditional field studies on-site to online surveys, explore our current portfolio of general quantitative solutions.

Online Research

Learn more about our online solutions: drive the best decisions with agility and global reach through digital platforms.


It’s not from today that we at ABMR have expertise in some key segments. After all, we know very well what knowledge matters when it comes to obtaining detailed results in the most diverse types of research.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare is one of the sectors in which we have gained the necessary trust to become specialists. Recruiters, moderators and translators with years of dedicated experience in the segment make the difference in the execution of projects

Food and Beverages

Every year, a multitude of new foods, ingredients and solutions appear on the shelves in response to the main market trends and new consumer behavior, fostering an attractive market with high growth potential.

Consumer Goods

For us, knowing the diversity that the consumer goods market offers is fundamental so that the results of the studies are consistent with the context of each region and with the objective of each project.


The technology of the future is already part of our daily lives and also of our services. In fact, the technology segment has gained great fame with a large quantity of tech projects in the area and the launch of platforms and apps that optimize the execution of the field.





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