In addition to being experienced in the market research segment, you can count on us and all our expertise in the field to better serve you at each stage of your project, regardless of the type of research or segment.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

  • Qualitative studies with healthcare professionals and patients
  • In-depth interviews with opinion leaders (KOL’s) and professionals from different specialties
  • Studies on rare diseases in Brazil and Latin America
  • Surveys on improvements with the use of certain drugs for the treatment of illnesses, considering the various organs of the body
  • Side effects / adverse events related to the use of different drugs in patients with specific health conditions
  • Pharmaceutical representatives on visits to doctors’ offices.
  • Disclosure / pharmacological recommendation of the pharmaceutical representatives to the medical class
  • Disclosure / pharmacological recommendation in congresses and symposia aimed at physicians and other health professionals

Food and Beverages

  • Mayonnaise tasting
  • Taste tests for ketchup
  • Fast food sensory tests
  • Sensory tests of cakes
  • Sensory tests of cake toppings
  • Whipped cream sensory tests
  • Sensory testing of chocolate bars
  • Margarine sensory tests
  • Cube and powdered seasoning tests
  • French fries flavor tests
  • Loaf bread flavor tests
  • Sandwich Cookies/Biscuits
  • Candy flavor tests
  • Flavor tests of candy and lozenges to freshen breath
  • Yoghurt sensory tests
    Beer tests carried out in bars in Latin America
  • Beer tests carried out in CLT’s in Latin America
  • Whiskey sensory tests
  • Sensory testing of soft drinks
  • Sensory testing of energy drinks
  • Fruit juice flavor tests

Consumer Goods

  • Leading brands of washing machines in Brazil
  • Washing machine versus only washing function machine in Brazil
  • Top load versus front load washing machine use in Brazil and Latin America
  • Favorite wristwatch brands
  • Wall clock for different home environments
  • Sales of “white goods” – ovens, refrigerators and microwaves – stimulated by the tax reduction on industrialized products
  • Favorite Cooktop Brands
  • Imported fabric for making clothes from China, Turkey, India, etc
  • Nationally manufactured clothing versus imported clothing
  • Clothing purchased from foreign countries under a white label contract, styled / customized and sold by local brands under their own name
  • Imported fabric for making bathing suits, due to the lower cost of foreign raw materials
  • Imported leather products such as shoes, belts, bags, etc … for sale through a white label trade agreement


  • New applications market entry studies in Brazil
  • Route app improvements
  • Smartphone and tablets used by English speakers in Brazil
  • Weekly tracking on online platforms with the general population about consumer goods and personal care products
  • Monthly online tracking with healthcare professionals on the client’s platform
  • Voice recording studies of different accents in the various regions of Brazil
  • Photo collection sessions of different ethnicities in Latin America
  • Smart TV users and their favorite TV shows
  • Internet-based service for films/films rated by regular viewers

Other Segments


Public Sector Government

Representatives responsible for these sectors.

Textile / Fashion / Clothing

Market entry studies for textile companies from the Mauritius Island, Jeans, Premium brands.

Media / Entertainment

Editors In magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites.

Petrol / Oil / Gas / Construction

Engineers, HVAC companies, Metallic construction, Electrical installation, Hard Helmets, Oil & Gas decision makers, Industrial tires, etc.

Tobacco / Cigarettes

General population.


Directors, Purchasers, Payers, HR executives, Operation directors, Real state.

Legal / Lawyers

Legal topics including individuals or companies.

Toys / Games

Voice recordings in different states for a video game manufacturer.

Logistics / Mail / Transportation

Courier users.


General population.


Charity / Non-profit / Social

Animal welfare, anthropology, Family future, Public schools, violence, Social Projects, etc.

Financial Services

Bank & Financial services users, Bank managers, Bank account holders, Insurance company’s customers

Travel / Tourism / Sport / Leisure

Travelers, tourism to Guyana, Interviews with sports fans.

Durables / Electrical Goods

Quantitative and qualitative studies including all local teams


Pickup owners, luxury car owners, several studies conducted with car manufactures and motorcycle manufacturers

Energy / Utilities

State and private companies.