War in ukraine can have an impact on you?

Just over a month ago, the news about the war between Russia and Ukraine took the whole world by surprise when everyone was supposedly expecting the end of the Covid pandemic. The negative impacts of this conflict are being seen daily in the media. As if that were not enough, it is not only Ukraine that is suffering with countless lost of lives and an increasing destruction of entire cities: the entire world, in some way, is also being affected by it.

In Brazil, products such as wheat in the food sector, for example, where we consume 60% of Russian exports, are already more expensive with the increase in global inflation and the consequences, the poorest classes are the most affected. In the world, Rogério Studart, Senior Fellow of the Political Economy Nucleus of the Brazilian Center for International Relations (Cebri), considers that the most economically vulnerable countries can also suffer even more from the issue of high food prices, followed by countries that depend a lot on Russian energy sources. It is worth remembering that Russia accounts for 3% of global GDP, while Ukraine accounts for only 0.14%

Recent negotiations on the possible imminent peace treaty between the countries can be a great ally so that the rise of certain prices at a global level, such as those in the food sector, may have a chance of improvement in the coming months. However, until the end of this article, unfortunately the mutual attacks between Ukraine and Russia are still a reality. If you are part of the research universe and have projects in this segment, it is of great value to have on your radar the projection for the coming months on the market and impacts on intention and purchasing power.