Pelé: what did we learn from the King of Football?

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, the famous Pelé, won the title of King of Football worldwide that which is globally known. The player’s unfortunate passing due to cancer shook the planet, taking many people by surprise. Now, what can the most influential Brazilian player in the history of generations teach us as valuable lessons?

First of all: recalling key moments of the owner of shirt number 10 of the Brazilian national team, a number that became a symbol of value for the most influential players thanks to his achievements, Pelé himself built an incredible story in his career that started early: the king was the youngest player on the planet to win a world cup, keeping that title until today! At just 17 years old. From 1958 to 1970, three titles were won in four World Cups, a period known as the Golden Age! Not to mention the 1,000 goals scored in his career. Just a snippet of the grandiose trajectory of a person who simply turned football into an art.

In addition to incredible legacies, Pelé can teach us valuable learning to reflect on life, inside or outside the professional environment.

The importance of constantly training: no matter what your goal is, exercising what you want to accomplish to get far is one of the paths to excellence. Frequency and constancy, frequency and constancy, frequency and constancy…

Not everything is victories: defeats can also exist and they are real. The way we deal with losses can be motivations to reach success or failure. Taking a step back, to first understand the motivations, and what can be improved to move forward, is one of the most important assumptions in these moments.

Everything is possible for those who believe: as cliché as it may seem, believing in yourself and using this as motivation is a prosperity direction. After all, creating and leaving a historical legacy starts with a starting point: believing that it is indeed possible.

Just like business, with growth and challenges along the way, life is cyclical: ups and downs, surprises and unforeseen events that are beyond our control. May we know how to enjoy each moment as if it were something unique and give our best every day (just like the King did in life).