The most valuable brands of retail in Brazil

The ranking of the 25 most valuable brands in Brazil, organized by the Interbrand Consulting Firm, places ten retail chains among the largest, with Natura as the most prominent one, once again occupying the first position in the segment. Among all the brands, Natura occupies the sixth position, behind only companies of the sectors of beverages and financial system.

Renner jumped two places and ranked 11th in the overall ranking, making it the second most valuable retail brand in the nation, ahead of Lojas Americanas, which ranks the retail vice-leader in 2016 and is now in third place.

The other retail brands included in the ranking are Ipiranga, Casas Bahia, Havaianas, Hering, Extra, Magazine Luiza and CVC. There are no name changes compared to last year.

Check the values of each (in millions) and how much they have grown in the last year.

Increasingly valuable

Integrating the country’s most valuable brands team is more difficult in 2017. The Fleury Group, which occupies the 25th position, appreciated 10% and exceeded R$ 400 million, a higher amount than that achieved by Localiza in 2016, which occupied the end of the list in 2016. This year Localiza went up one step. The only company excluded from the ranking was the Rede, means of payments.

The cut of the Brazilian market indicates that, since 2010, there has been a 375% increase in the value of the brands.

Check out, in full, the recentely ranking of the Most Valuable Brazilian Brands (amounts in USD million):

SOURCEInterbrand consulting firm

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