How to use virtual and augmented reality in your business to upgrade your business

More and more companies from all sectors are faced with the growing need for transformation in their way of operating, communicating and interacting with customers, it is a “Lift for Innovation“. For this, technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, are increasingly popping up around us.

But how to use them in your company or day to day? Firstly, let yourself know how this has been elaborated in the universities more specifically in the department Human Centered Computing in the university of Clemson. The focus of the study is on research in which machines are used as resources to help improve quality of life and human preservation. One of the researches that seeks to use computational elements to reduce the pain that occurs throughout the treatments of young people with cancer.

There are two approaches that have been recognized academically: The first is to create environments for the purpose of distracting the patient, the other approach leads the patient to a meditation environment, providing a relaxation scenario for the purpose of reducing pain.

There is yet another widely explored approach, which refers to distraction, using elements in virtual reality to distract the patient during treatments that promote extreme pain. The results found are highly encouraging – patients who were submitted to virtual reality report less pain and use less medication compared to patients who did not use it.

This is just a curiosity of how virtual reality can be an important tool for today’s society. But how can virtual reality and augmented reality help your business?

A) One of the first opportunities is for the purposes of process training and simulations

Through virtual reality we can create immersive scenarios demonstrating a real-life situation, giving full focus to what should be trained, without the common external distractions or other attention competitors. In addition to being extraordinarily more attractive to the user, making it more enjoyable and giving a different entertainment character, for example from reading a technical manual.

We can also take complex processes and simplify them in steps, allowing the user to test the same step several times before moving on to a next one, for example a production line. There is also a need to emphasize information retention capacity, which tends to be much larger during training, as well as to activate multiple elements such as audio, interaction with the environment, physical and dimensional aspects of a real environment.

B) Presentation of new products or existing products, but which are difficult to demonstrate:

Do you need to demonstrate a new product and environment, but do not have this product yet? Virtual reality can help demonstrate this future product in a practical way. Examples: You need to demonstrate a line of planes at a fair, but the space you have for it is extremely limited.

With virtual reality you can do an immersive demonstration of your complete product line and even demonstrate products that do not yet exist and are completely ready. Increasingly 3D realistic photo has been achieving impressive results, masking for the user the difference between real objects and 3D objects.

C) You can pick up real elements and create interactions with holograms or virtual elements with augmented reality:

Augmented reality has become a commonplace in our day-to-day life with apps popping up every now and then, but something that has come out as a protagonist with enough force is augmented and mixed reality glasses such as Microsoft’s Hololens.

Here, then, a new world of possibilities opens up. Integration between the real and the digital, something that Google Glass tried, however, to no avail, because its hardware was very simple and unfavorable. Now, imagine you go to a museum, fix your gaze on a painting and suddenly you begin to see how the canvas was painted minute by minute. Or you can tour a factory and you can click on some elements and get an explanation of what it is, all right in front of you. Also, participate in a real-time game in your home with your everyday objects and virtual elements.

As you checked, the possibilities of application are endless and there is still much to explore.

The advent of the Internet has caused a great disruption in the way of communicating and interacting with the real world, why not imagine how these new technologies could represent an even greater disruption?

 Source: Clemson University

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