What are the impacts of the American Elections on business between Brazil and USA?

The USA is one of Brazil’s main trading partners today, second only to China. In a new political scenario in one of the largest global powers, the question arises,  what will be the impacts on trade relations with Brazil?

In the last decade, the commercial relationship between both countries has remained stable, data from the Trade Balance show that between R$ 50 and R$ 60 billion were traded each year during this period, reaching its peak in 2014, when R$ 62 billion was traded. Experts say that regardless of the outcome of the elections, in the short term there should not be many impacts on the relationship between the trading partners, as this flow is more influenced by diversification and competitiveness in exports than in the political line itself.

Before considering the impacts that the elections can cause, it is necessary that the USA is able to recover from the crisis caused by the pandemic, so that it has a basis to increase the number of business between countries. In 2020, from January to September, the two countries trade only R$33.4 billion, 25% less than the same period in 2019. According to the American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham Brasil) the balance was only so low during the crisis international 2009.

Abrão Neto, vice president of Amcham Brasil, believes that with the election of Joe Biden, environmental and social rights issues should gain much more relevance in the world, including with regard to commercial guidelines. This can be a point of attention, since Brazil faces great pressure from foreign businessmen and investors to consolidate stricter policies to mitigate the environmental impacts caused by deforestation, for example.

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