Politics: the power of propaganda at the time of voting

When it comes to elections, propaganda is one of the first things that comes to mind. Currently, not only is conventional media used, such as TV, newspapers, print and the like, but also social networks, used as the main platform to propagate party ideas and attract potential voters. Regardless of the media, the purpose is always the same: to be able to influence people when making voting decisions.

Persuasion techniques are increasingly refined, given that the profile of the electorate is considered, in the best language to dialogue with the possible voter, and given the growing advance of new technologies, the internet has become fundamental to reach large audiences through precise targeting of common interests. After all, having rich information from voters, coupled with a good political campaign, are just some of the key tools for achieving the planned results where it matters most, at the polls.

Just as political campaigns need to be well designed and launched on the right channels, having a prior thermometer with information from potential voters and their voting intentions can be determining factors in whether the campaign strategy is going well or if it needs to improve in order to achieve that dreamed approval.

Thinking about moments as important as this, we at ABMR work with a valuable tool designed for the success of your campaign. If you live in Brazil, you are part of the political universe, and want to know more about your electorate potential through research with rich and secure information, with data collection, voting trends and the like, the Reverse ARU – Audible Response Unit , can be the key to your campaign’s success.

After all, having information from potential voters at hand, distributing them by age, sex and region, can help to know, reach and understand their needs. It is based on this that you, a member of a political campaign, will be able to prepare to structure solid and more assertive strategies and thus succeed in reaching your campaign.

Want to know more about Reverse ARU and how this research tool can catalyze your results at the polls? Talk to us, without obligation. Our channels are open to you.