Creativity is not just a thing for creative

It is normal to hear in our daily lives that creativity is a gift for a few, as if it were a specific characteristic of artists or that people are born with or without it. However, the reality is not quite that: being creative depends on how hard you work to develop this skill and practice, that is what matters.

According to a study by Harvard University, creativity is, in 85% of cases, a learned skill. Some people find it easier to develop it, others already need to try a little harder.

Routine is one of the main factors that hinder the development of this skill, since we daily follow the same steps and hardly learn anything new. Creativity emerges from your experiences, so the greater your baggage of experience and knowledge, the more easily you will be able to think differently.

There are some tips that can help to develop creativity on a daily basis. The first is to try to escape the routine, do what we do daily, in another way, such as taking a different path to work, reading a book different from the ones we usually read, studying subjects that generate some curiosity. These very simple actions will increase our repertoire and this will allow new connections to be made, helping us to see solutions and perspectives that were not possible before.

In addition, the emotional state is also something that can influence our creative capacity. The Broaden and Build Theory, developed by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, from the University of North Carolina, says that people who cultivate positive emotions are able to broaden their mental repertoire and this directly influences more creative thoughts. Therefore, it is important to remain rested and seek to maintain mental health.

Finally, allowing yourself to make mistakes is another tip of great value. Starting to see mistakes as a possibility of learning is a posture that allows us to experience many more possibilities, therefore, this increases our repertoire and in the future this new knowledge will help us to propose creative solutions.

It is clear that creativity is a skill that anyone can develop, it depends only on the level of effort used in this journey. Curiosity may be the word that will make us search for new things to compose our luggage and thus make us think creatively.

Have you ever thought about how you can use creativity to innovate your productivity at work, in your personal life, in your relationships and in your side projects, transforming ordinary moments into a rewarding and innovative experience? Reflect to actually do something on your journey.