Carnival 2021 in Brazil is canceled: how companies are dealing with this decision

The Brazilian’s most anticipated festive date was canceled or postponed according to each city in the country due to the pandemic. Even with the vaccine being applied gradually to risk groups, Brazil may take a while to achieve the minimum adherence necessary for events with agglomerations. It’s unpredictable to state when the event can be commemorated at the moment.

Financially speaking, the carnival in Brazil is a date in which citizens invest more in revelry, whether to enjoy in the city where they live or to travel and enjoy it in other regions: just for us to have an idea, in the City of São Paulo, the most populous capital of the country, in 2020, the event generated around R $ 2.75 billion in its economy, attracting 15 million people to revelry.

Meanwhile, cities like Recife, in the Northeast, where there will be no carnival this year, expect a loss of about R $ 500 million, according to Fernando Castilho, from the JC Negócios Portal. These movements are essential for the economic health of the country and for each region to remain actively healthy, generating jobs and opportunities. The current challenge has been to overcome the economic crisis, especially for entrepreneurs who have been struggling to keep their businesses running since the beginning of the pandemic.

One means of survival for large companies, such as travel and hospitality segments, for example, is either selling packages to groups of few people or promoting opportunities for the second half of this year with malleable rescheduling and cancellation conditions.

Meanwhile, the entertainment sector continues to adapt to the reality of lives, free or paid, and also postponing to the second semester the dream of holding larger volume face-to-face events. For the other segments that are directly and indirectly also being affected, the challenge of the moment is to promote product or service that encourage people not to gather, finding forms of amusement at home (although this experience is no longer attractive). It is worth remembering that the stimulus to selling on the Internet remains the biggest pioneer in promoting business today.