Professional skills for 2021: what you need to know

With the arrival of the new year, many professionals habitually ask themselves: what will be the new challenges? The pandemic has accelerated many changes that experts foresaw for the future, both for companies and for employees. Both had to adapt to new models and work routines that tend to keep up with the post-pandemic.

The inclusion of technology on a daily basis has increased dramatically due to quarantine, allowing processes and jobs to be automated, as well as allowing people to perform their duties directly from their homes, introducing the need to develop skills that will be important for all employees professionals in the coming years.

In this new scenario, skills such as self-management, creativity, ability to solve problems, flexibility and emotional intelligence have become very important, as they qualify employees for future challenges.

We will deepen these skills for you to understand if you need to develop any of them:

  1. Self-management – It is the ability to organize a routine to deliver tasks, meet goals and objectives, without having a supervision as strong as in a face-to-face job. Get organized without the need for threats and punishments.
  2. Creativity – Being able to develop new processes, solving problems differently are abilities that are very well evaluated in creative professionals, so it is important to expand your knowledge base so that different connections and new possibilities can arise.
  3. Problem solving – Not focusing on the problem, but on how to solve them is an important skill, so going deeper into the company’s business and studying hard is an interesting way to develop solutions that may not even exist yet.
  4. Flexibility – We live in a moment of constant changes, because of this being flexible and being able to adapt to new things gains importance, even in the technology scenario that is always being updated.
  5. Emotional intelligence – Understanding feelings and knowing how to deal with them, becomes a great differential, making professionals more resilient and tolerant to stress.

That said, it is essential to do a self-analysis to understand what skills still need to be worked on in order to face the new job market more fluently.

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