Post-pandemic scenarios

We arrived in 2021 still living a pandemic that seems to have no end, but the first steps of recovery already seem to be appearing with the first doses of the vaccine. And in this new phase, the question comes back, what can we expect for post-covid-19?

The Coronavirus made us change several habits in different aspects of our daily lives, at work, leisure, relationships, etc. Some of these changes tend to remain in the new reality that we will live in, as stated by the biologist Atila Lamarino “The world has changed, and that world (before the coronavirus) no longer exists. Our life will change a lot from now on, and someone who tries to maintain the 2019 status quo is someone who has not yet accepted this new reality ”.

In the world of work, what stands out as a trend is no longer the home-office model, which despite being still widely adopted by companies, has already shown some weaknesses and has been losing space to hybrid work, in which the employee works some days at home and others in person. According to a survey conducted by Revelo, a company that connects organizations with professionals in search of opportunities, 50% of professionals still prefer the home-office, while the other 50% already prefer the hybrid model.

The way of consuming is another reality that has undergone changes that must remain. For the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies “less is more” will be part of the consumer’s habit going forward, not only because of the financial difficulties imposed by the pandemic, but also because of the consumer’s need to understand and focus on what is a priority and in the generated value.

Health care and well-being also tend to be more present, as well as the permanence of fear with agglomerations. Therefore, establishments such as restaurants, bars and cafes can benefit if they adopt strategies that move towards avoiding concentration of people, such as distance between people and easy access to hygiene items.

At this point, it is important to anticipate and adapt to the new perspectives that arise in the new world. Only in this way organizations will be able to get through this moment with minimal negative impacts.

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