New consumption trends with the Post-pandemic

People’s habits have changed dramatically due to the pandemic, making us need to adapt to a series of restrictions. When it comes to how to consume products and services, it was no different. The most diverse segments had to adapt for a long period due to the pandemic to the point of temporary changes becoming effective. Therefore, nowadays the question begins to arise: what are the new consumption trends in the post-pandemic period?

In Brazil, as it has already been said here on the blog, the first big pattern noticed was the drop in the number of face-to-face sales and 56.8% growth in sales revenue through e-commerce, given by the “Compre & Confie” Movement in partnership with ABComm ( Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association). This is a trend that should continue for the future, since several sectors have already adapted to serve their customers remotely, as in the case of education; with the transmission of live classes, leisure through the live transmissions of artistic performances, and also, the home office model of work that is here to stay.

Another important tendency to take into account is responsible and conscious consumption, since factors such as finance caused priorities to change, placing items of basic needs ahead, and only afterwards, considering more superfluous purchases, followed by sustainable consumption, by considering the relationship of responsible consumption and environmental sustainability. These are just some of the points that made consumers even more critical when purchasing a product or service. According to Corazza, a professor at IBE affiliated to FGV, the brand that can listen to the problems of its consumers and solve them, manages to make them loyal ambassadors.

In addition, there are other trends worth having on the radar:


  • E-commerces and digital communication continue to grow: if you are a part of it, always seek to improve your strategies. If not, ask yourself why, because maybe an opportunity to leverage your business is being missed.
  • Branding with purpose. What’s yours? It doesn’t matter your segment or what you do. The aligned purpose of your brand can keep customers and win new ones, and the pandemic reinforced that.
  • It is not always about price. Value and price are similar terms, but with completely different proposals. The price matters, but the value of a brand and what it does to the world also has equal or greater relevance, and customers embrace this.


At the time, it is essential for any organization to understand the profile of its customers and be able to adapt to market changes. It sounds basic, but this can be the difference between stagnating or even losing chances of selling, and being able to grow your business exponentially. So, study your market, your customers and draw the best strategy to meet new consumer demands. After all, each customer is unique and primarily responsible for keeping the flow of your business active.

Do you want to know more about the projects of your clients, mainly in Brazil and Latin America? Talk to us. We have the right tools to analyze your strategies.

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