Growth of e-commerce in Brazil during quarantine

Consumer behavior worldwide has changed due to the effects of the pandemic. Closed stores and quarantined consumers have made e-commerce the safest way to buy products or consume some services without leaving your home.

In Brazil, the month of March showed an increase in the number of online purchases, exactly when the population started to be quarantined in their homes to avoid contamination by the coronavirus. According to the tax authorities, e-commerce growth in Brazil was 20%, compared to the same period in 2019. Following this trend, the following months also showed significant growth, 17% in April, 37% in May and 73 % in June.

Another study carried out by Conversion Consultoria, shows that in May alone, the main electronic sales sites in Brazil had more than 1 billion visits and the sectors that grew most in e-commerce were:

The sector that fell in this study was, as can be expected, tourism, with a fall of 79.41% compared to the same period in 2019.

SEMrush, the world leader in digital marketing, carried out a survey of the most accessed sites in Brazil and created a ranking with the 12 that grew most within the period from January 1st to April 30th, and the result was the following:

  • 1 – – 56,5%
  • 2 – – 50,5%
  • 3 – – 48%
  • 4 – – 44,7%
  • 5 – – 42,6%
  • 6 – – 38,7%
  • 7 – – 37,8%
  • 8 – – 36%
  • 9 – – 35%
  • 10 – – 34,4%
  • 11 – – 22,9%
  • 12 – Boticá – 21,7%

Although e-commerce has grown, it is interesting to note that the purchasing behavior is different, as the average ticket per purchase fell compared to last year, with a decrease of about 6%, which represents a value of approximately R$ 395.80 . In Brazil, consumers are more cautious and make more frequent purchases of everyday items, rather than purchases of more durable goods and higher ticket prices.

Today being one of the most accessible ways to market products, e-commerce tends to continue growing, as more and more companies start selling online. In the same way, consumers have more confidence, especially in the sites already known, and started to make purchases over the internet more frequently. The pandemic continues to create new patterns that directly influence how the market will function after the coronavirus.

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