Gamer market: what you need to know

During the pandemic many sectors of the economy were affected, but the games market swam in the opposite direction. With people spending more time at home, this was a sector that saw its numbers jump from one year to another with even better projections for the present and also for the future.

According to a survey conducted by consultancy Newzoo in 2020, 150 million people surrendered to games, whether on cell phones, computers or consoles, totaling about 2.7 billion players spread across the globe. This large share of people can generate a financial turnover of approximately 159 billion dollars. In 2019, Brazil already appeared as the 13th largest game market in the world and the largest in Latin America, with a turnover of around US $ 1.5 billion dollars. Another number that draws a lot of attention is related to the consumption of streaming online games, made on platforms such as Twitch and Facebook Gaming, for example. Only during the broadcast of a game of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL), about 336 thousand simultaneous spectators were present.

These figures made investment companies look at the market with new eyes. According to a survey carried out by Exame, more than 20 billion dollars were invested in game startups. In addition, companies from well-known teams such as Flamengo, Santos and Cruzeiro have entered this sector head on by creating their own electronic sports teams (e-sports).

Only in Brazil, the consumer audience of games reaches 84 million users, figures from a survey carried out by Comscore. This study also shows that of this total, approximately 64.5 million use only mobile devices, 11.6 million prefer the desktop and 8.4 million play on multiplatforms. It is worth mentioning that the mobile audience spends 8% more time connected to their favorite games.

If a company intends to enter the games market, it is extremely important to understand how the public consumes the brands on these platforms. Investing in research can be a good strategy so that the actions are directed to reach the “gamer” public, whether through investment in e-sports teams, sponsorship of events or a simple advertisement in mobile games or streaming platforms.

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