Data analysis is an important stage in undertaking market research. The data analysis and interpretation process must be carried out based on the specifics of each research, and can be carried out using technological methods, as well as any other form of writing and cataloging.

We offer data processing services using statistical tools established in the market and develop customized software solutions according to the needs of each client.

  • Data entry template (datamap) in ASCII format (TXT file, columnar) or SPSS (predefined variables for SAV file)
  • Develop SPSS data consistency program to check for typing errors.
  • Code open-ended questions and create a code frame in several languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, etc …
  • Prepare tables, the processing plan includes everything that will be requested for data processing (eg flags, crossings of questions, weighting, etc.)
  • Digital security, encrypted with password.
  • Present the tables in several languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English …
  • Deliver the processed tables in electronic format (Excel XLS file) other formats can be negotiated.
  • Creating a link to online interviews.
  • Platform development for online blog, online chat or bulletin board.