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What can (and should) a company do to combat racism?

In the last few weeks, the whole world has been impacted by a series of demonstrations whose agenda was the fight against racism. Such events were triggered after the death of George Floyd, a black man who died of suffocation by a white policeman in the United States. In social networks, hashtags with #BlackLivesMatter and […]

Post-pandemic Home Office: the new challenge for companies.

The pandemic forced the labor market to adopt new models for companies to continue operating. One of these models is the home office. It is not exactly new, as this movement already existed and was already applied by several organizations, however, it is still a great challenge for many organizations that decided to apply it […]

Happiness at work: a driver of results.

Is it possible to achieve happiness at work? Many studies show that yes! And that is why organizations are trying to understand how to make their employees happier. It is certainly not an easy task, since it is a feeling that manifests itself in different ways in each person, as well as being very subjective […]