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Gamer market: what you need to know

During the pandemic many sectors of the economy were affected, but the games market swam in the opposite direction. With people spending more time at home, this was a sector that saw its numbers jump from one year to another with even better projections for the present and also for the future. According to a […]

UX and Market Research: What You Need to Know

You may even find that research and UX Design are not related, but there is a large and new market that combines the two strands very well in order to understand consumer preferences and behaviors today. Directing this data and information to create an incredible experience for product consumers, system or service users. But first, […]

Post-pandemic scenarios

We arrived in 2021 still living a pandemic that seems to have no end, but the first steps of recovery already seem to be appearing with the first doses of the vaccine. And in this new phase, the question comes back, what can we expect for post-covid-19? The Coronavirus made us change several habits in […]

Professional skills for 2021: what you need to know

With the arrival of the new year, many professionals habitually ask themselves: what will be the new challenges? The pandemic has accelerated many changes that experts foresaw for the future, both for companies and for employees. Both had to adapt to new models and work routines that tend to keep up with the post-pandemic. The […]

5G And its Possibilities

The next step in the evolution of the internet is coming with everything through 5G, the fifth generation of the mobile internet network. Promising to be about 50 to 100 times faster than its 4G predecessor is, many business possibilities will become possible and it is important to stay updated to survive in this new […]

New consumption trends with the Post-pandemic

People’s habits have changed dramatically due to the pandemic, making us need to adapt to a series of restrictions. When it comes to how to consume products and services, it was no different. The most diverse segments had to adapt for a long period due to the pandemic to the point of temporary changes becoming […]

Covid-19: Would Brazilians pay for a vaccine?

Right now, the world is in a real race to produce the Coronavirus vaccine. Several are the fronts that are carrying out studies and tests so that this objective is achieved safely. As an example, we have the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford in partnership with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz). In addition […]

Creativity is not just a thing for creative

It is normal to hear in our daily lives that creativity is a gift for a few, as if it were a specific characteristic of artists or that people are born with or without it. However, the reality is not quite that: being creative depends on how hard you work to develop this skill and […]