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Covid-19: Would Brazilians pay for a vaccine?

Right now, the world is in a real race to produce the Coronavirus vaccine. Several are the fronts that are carrying out studies and tests so that this objective is achieved safely. As an example, we have the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford in partnership with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz). In addition […]

Creativity is not just a thing for creative

It is normal to hear in our daily lives that creativity is a gift for a few, as if it were a specific characteristic of artists or that people are born with or without it. However, the reality is not quite that: being creative depends on how hard you work to develop this skill and […]

Politics: the power of propaganda at the time of voting

When it comes to elections, propaganda is one of the first things that comes to mind. Currently, not only is conventional media used, such as TV, newspapers, print and the like, but also social networks, used as the main platform to propagate party ideas and attract potential voters. Regardless of the media, the purpose is […]

Gamification in organizations: stay on top of this trend

In search of improving the productivity and engagement of work teams, organizations are always looking for new strategies and methodologies that bring good results both for themselves and for employees. It is in this scenario that gamification arises, which consists of mixing elements of games in other contexts, such as the work routine, through goals, […]

Growth of e-commerce in Brazil during quarantine

Consumer behavior worldwide has changed due to the effects of the pandemic. Closed stores and quarantined consumers have made e-commerce the safest way to buy products or consume some services without leaving your home. In Brazil, the month of March showed an increase in the number of online purchases, exactly when the population started to […]

What can (and should) a company do to combat racism?

In the last few weeks, the whole world has been impacted by a series of demonstrations whose agenda was the fight against racism. Such events were triggered after the death of George Floyd, a black man who died of suffocation by a white policeman in the United States. In social networks, hashtags with #BlackLivesMatter and […]

Post-pandemic Home Office: the new challenge for companies

The pandemic forced the labor market to adopt new models for companies to continue operating. One of these models is the home office. It is not exactly new, as this movement already existed and was already applied by several organizations, however, it is still a great challenge for many organizations that decided to apply it […]

Happiness at work: a driver of results

Is it possible to achieve happiness at work? Many studies show that yes! And that is why organizations are trying to understand how to make their employees happier. It is certainly not an easy task, since it is a feeling that manifests itself in different ways in each person, as well as being very subjective […]