5G And its Possibilities

The next step in the evolution of the internet is coming with everything through 5G, the fifth generation of the mobile internet network. Promising to be about 50 to 100 times faster than its 4G predecessor is, many business possibilities will become possible and it is important to stay updated to survive in this new reality.

The trend that will gain even more strength with this new technology is the advancement of the “Internet of things” that will allow greater connectivity between objects, making it possible, for example, that your refrigerator will be able to schedule the purchase of items that are running out of stock. The examples are countless, such as the development of a traffic safety system and remote surgeries, performed by robots controlled by doctors who are on the other side of the world.

Autonomous cars that can evolve with 5G become even more real, since the latency time will be 5ms (milliseconds) compared to 4G which is 30ms, making the response time to avoid accidents even shorter, theme that makes them such a controversial solution.

In Brazil, studies on the implementation of the network are already well advanced, but due to the pandemic, the auction for the purchase of new telecommunications frequencies was postponed to 2021. The country even signed an agreement with the United States, which foresees investments of about US $ 1 billion, for business development in the areas of energy (nuclear, gas and oil), infrastructure, logistics, mining and telecommunications, including the structure of the 5G mobile internet network, the subject of constant disputes between the USA and China.

Did you like the possibilities that the 5G network will be able to provide? How about thinking that how your organization can benefit from this evolution? In a very short time, the companies that best adapt to the novelty will have an enormous competitive advantage; after all, they will have much more business opportunities.

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