Christmas is the best time for Brazil

The Christmas period revenue for ecommerce in 2017 was R $ 7.7 billion, well above the second place – a Black Friday. Every year, in the same week: in the penultimate week of December shopping malls are packed with people to buy last minute Christmas gifts.

That gives two indicatives. The first one shows how this date movements the market. The images of crowded establishments represent the importance of the Christmas period for commerce, and although they are recorded in physical stores, they reflect a bit of what goes on in the virtual world. The second shows how people incredibly leave their shopping tours and gift buying for the very last minute, even though they know that Christmas will arrive and will make them face endless queues every year.

Christmas is the best time for the Brazilian market

Not just the best date. It’s a better shot! Christmas sales for the previous year were R $ 7.7 billion, well above second place, Black Friday with R$ 1.9 billion. In addition to this, there was an increase of 4% compared to 2016.

The data are from Ebit, a company specialized in e-commerce information who considers the Christmas period as all the sales of consumer goods that will be launched in virtual stores between November 15 and December 24.

The demand for products and services over Christmas is so big that even those companies who do not work on a sales campaign increase their sales. For an idea, still in 2017, the total online demand volume led to 16.6 million orders. That means your company will probably sell at Christmas even if you do nothing for it.
However, it takes a minimum of effort to get into the holiday mood, but you can raise your billing to another level.

Most people buy Christmas gifts anyhow. Unlike celebrations such as Children’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, it is a much more widely spread moment. Everyone buys Christmas gifts. Thus, every company can sell at Christmas. That’s because the party is not made by the presents only, but by the supper, the decoration, among other themes, and it moves a variety of market sectors, albeit indirectly.
As we mentioned above, there were 16.6 million orders. This is only referring to the products bought from virtual stores. Another point that is that Christmas coincides with the receipt of the 13th salary for legally hired employees, so people spend part of this amount in gifts purchase. It is one more incentive for the Brazilian consumers to gift family and friends.

The best-selling categories at Christmas

Still according to the monitoring of Ebit, at Christmas the best-selling categories in order volume are:

  • Home appliances;
  • Fashion and accessories;
  • Telephony and mobile phones;
  • Cosmetics and perfumery;
  • House and decoration

Reinforcing what we said at the beginning of the text, Christmas is the most “democratic” date of the Brazilian market.
It does not matter if the consumer is married, adult or teenager, father or mother. Everyone (or almost, not to generalize too) follows Christmas campaigns and buys or receives gifts from family, friends, and office colleagues.
The Christmas period is very long and already starts on November 15th. On the way, there is the second most important date for the Brazilian commerce: Black Friday.

Many people take advantage of Black Friday’s offers to buy Christmas gifts. So, it is recommended that you think of these two dates as allies. It is a good idea to start running Black Friday campaigns while they make plans for Christmas.

You can be creative and make associated campaigns, offer your products and services at an interesting discount as a great buying option for Christmas as well. Something like “save on your Christmas shopping during a black Friday”.

When is it too early to think about Christmas?

In a Google Trends data analysis, when we search for “Christmas gifts” over the last 12 months, we see that as of the end of October people already start searching for the keywords on Google. This proves that it is not too early to start thinking about your Christmas actions.
To stay ahead of the competition, you had better always start with your offers, the pages related to this date as well as the content you will produce for this purpose.
The sooner you start creating contents about clues for Christmas presents directed to your segment the earlier you will be able to start reaping the fruits of your work.

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