How to protect your data on the internet

Nowadays, everyone somehow has access to the internet and a plethora of resources available at one click. From social networks to on-demand streaming platforms, even banking transactions and diversified online purchases, the diversity of tools on the digital universe make it possible to understand people’s behavior and needs, tracking some data that they agree to authorize […]

What social networks are in evidence today?

We have reached a moment that talking about the future is crucial. If we compare the technological advances in the past decade with the present days, we see that the difference is impressive: landlines were almost completely replaced by cell phones; physical correspondence became e-mail, and the internet, which was not accessible to everyone in their […]

War in ukraine can have an impact on you?

Just over a month ago, the news about the war between Russia and Ukraine took the whole world by surprise when everyone was supposedly expecting the end of the Covid pandemic. The negative impacts of this conflict are being seen daily in the media. As if that were not enough, it is not only Ukraine that is […]