• Qualitative studies with healthcare professionals and patients
  • In-depth interviews with opinion leaders (KOL's) and professionals from different specialties
  • Studies on rare diseases in Brazil and Latin America
  • Surveys on improvements with the use of certain drugs for the treatment of illnesses, considering the various organs of the body
  • Side effects / adverse events related to the use of different drugs in patients with specific health conditions
  • Pharmaceutical representatives on visits to doctors' offices.
  • Disclosure / pharmacological recommendation of the pharmaceutical representatives to the medical class
  • Disclosure / pharmacological recommendation in congresses and symposia aimed at physicians and other health professionals



  • Mayonnaise tasting
  • Taste tests for ketchup
  • Fast food sensory tests
  • Sensory tests of cakes
  • Sensory tests of cake toppings
  • Whipped cream sensory tests
  • Sensory testing of chocolate bars
  • Margarine sensory tests
  • Cube and powdered seasoning tests
  • French fries flavor tests
  • Loaf bread flavor tests
  • Sandwich cookies/ Biscuits
  • Candy flavor tests
  • Flavor tests of candy and lozenges to freshen breath
  • Yoghurt sensory tests
  • Beer tests carried out in bars in Latin America
  • Beer tests carried out in CLT's in Latin America
  • Whiskey sensory tests
  • Sensory testing of soft drinks
  • Sensory testing of energy drinks
  • Fruit juice flavor tests



  • Leading brands of washing machines in Brazil
  • Washing machine versus only washing function machine in Brazil
  • Top load versus front load washing machine use in Brazil and Latin America
  • Favorite wristwatch brands
  • Wall clock for different home environments
  • Sales of "white goods" - ovens, refrigerators and microwaves - stimulated by the tax reduction on industrialized products
  • Favorite Cooktop Brands
  • Imported fabric for making clothes from China, Turkey, India, etc
  • Nationally manufactured clothing versus imported clothing
  • Clothing purchased from foreign countries under a white label contract, styled / customized and sold by local brands under their own name
  • Imported fabric for making bathing suits, due to the lower cost of foreign raw materials
  • Imported leather products such as shoes, belts, bags, etc … for sale through a white label trade agreement



  • New applications market entry studies in Brazil
  • Route app improvements
  • Smartphone and tablets used by English speakers in Brazil
  • Weekly tracking on online platforms with the general population about consumer goods and personal care products
  • Monthly online tracking with healthcare professionals on the client's platform
  • Voice recording studies of different accents in the various regions of Brazil
  • Photo collection sessions of different ethnicities in Latin America
  • Smart TV users and their favorite TV shows
  • Internet-based service for films/films rated by regular viewers



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