2022: would it be the beginning of the end of the pandemic?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, at the beginning of 2020, people around the world have dreamed of the possibility that one day it will end. Over these almost two years, there were sudden changes with unexpected adaptations, sick people, disease sequelae and millions of lives lost by the virus across the globe. Now, with the increasing number of vaccinated people and a decrease in Covid-19 deaths, talk of a forthcoming end of the pandemic comes up as a piece of hope.

According to experts, the new variant Ômicron is much more contagious, however, less lethal: people end up catching the mildest form of the disease and, combined with the growing number of people vaccinated, contributes to immunization. According to Brazilian physician Margareth Dalcolmo, who is a pulmonologist, professor and researcher at Fiocruz, in an interview with O Globo, she reports: “From the historical record, we know that 'an epidemic can last an average of two years', referring to the memory of others over the years. centuries. (...) Everything so far shows us that vaccines can, at least, mitigate the severity of cases, since there is no substantial increase in serious hospitalizations. And, thus, Sars-CoV-2 is drawing its endemicity and becomes part of the differential diagnosis of respiratory viral diseases routinely.”

Just as Zvika Granot, a doctor from Israel, mentioned in an interview with CNN that, when considering previous pandemics, such as the Spanish flu, they went through waves very similar to those we are seeing with the coronavirus.

In order for us to have hope in believing in a  forthcoming post-pandemic, it is of great value to keep in mind the importance of mass vaccination, to continue to maintain the recommendations of Health Organs and to keep alive the desire to hear the long-awaited announcement: "the pandemic is over!"